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Orthopedic Surgery Expert Witness North Carolina

North Carolina Orthopedic Surgery Expert Witness

Dr.Powell is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, North Carolina orthopedic expert witness, and provides Orthopedic Surgery Expert Witness case reviews nationwide. His vast knowledge plays an essential role in all types of orthopedic malpractice cases. If you are looking for a respected orthopedic surgeon to act as your orthopedic expert witness, Contact Dr. Powell.

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Dr. Powell can provide a quick turnaround on expert witness reviews and can assist in Depositions as well as trials.

No matter what type of orthopedic malpractice has occurred, an attorney at some point will need medico-legal guidance from an orthopedic expert witness. Choosing the right expert can be difficult. Every litigator knows that their expert witness should not only be certified to provide expert opinions but they should also have experience providing deposition during court trials.  Dr. Scott Powell excels in orthopedic knowledge, communication skills, depositions, and testifying.

North Carolina Knee Arthroscopy Expert Witness Services

Knee arthroscopy is a safe procedure but patients can sometimes face complications due to the negligence of the orthopedic surgeon. When a patient experiences complications because of potential negligence, patients often look to a lawyer to help investigate if malpractice has occurred. This is when a lawyer often calls upon a knee surgery expert witness such as Dr. Powell to review the case files. Anyone undergoing knee surgery should be aware of the potential risks. The surgeon should check the previous medical history, understand the potential complications that might occur, and explain to the patient what steps should be taken after the surgery is done. Sometimes, not all of these steps are taken properly. This is where the attorney’s investigation will begin. The attorneys often seek medico-legal guidance from an orthopedic expert witness like Dr. Powell to understand the next course of action.  Some of the risks of knee arthroscopy are as follows.

  • Swelling/Inflammation of the joint
  • Joint infection
  • Stiffness of the joint/frozen knee joints
  • Cartilage damage
  • Higher risks of blood clots
  • Bleeding from the infections
  • Redness around the knee joint

These are some of the complications that one might face after knee surgery. If an orthopedic surgeon has improperly cared for the patient, and the patient is drastically suffering from one of these complications due to the negligence of the surgeon, it’s important to have a qualified orthopedic expert witness like Dr. Powell provide a review of your case.

North Carolina ACL Injury Expert Witness

All surgical procedures have risks and ACL reconstruction surgery is no different. If you or a client is experiencing the following consistent symptoms after an ACL surgery, you might want to consult with a North Carolina ACL surgery expert witness such as Dr. Powell to review the case.

  • Continuous knee pain
  • Blood clots and bleeding
  • Joint infection
  • Frozen Knees/ Stiffness
  • Weak knees
  • Disease transmission due to cadaver getting in close contact with the graft
  • Improper healing

People involved in rigorous sports activities are prone to ACL injury. It’s one of the more common knee injuries that athletes might face due to rigorous sports activity.

These injuries take place due to leg pivots or twists while playing. According to the reports of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), there are near about 200,000 ACL injuries every year. Surgeries are performed for repairing torn ligaments and to provide stability to the knees.

Contact Dr. Powell if you are looking for a trusted and experienced ACL surgery expert witness.

North Carolina Shoulder Surgery Expert Witness

For Shoulder surgery malpractice cases, it is recommended to consider Dr. Powell as your North Carolina orthopedic expert witness. An experienced orthopedic expert witness like Dr. Powell can help to provide essential case facts if the patient suffers from serious post-surgical complications.

Just like any other surgical procedure, shoulder arthroscopy also has risks although they are minor. Though arthroscopy is a relatively safe procedure, it’s always a possibility that patients might face several complications after surgery. Complications may arise for a number of reasons, as well as due to orthopedic negligence by the medical professionals. Some of the issues that could arise after a shoulder arthroscopy include- blood clots, joint infection, excessive bleeding, and damage to the cartilage or nerves surrounding the shoulder. Patients who have issues seek the help of medical malpractice attorneys if they feel that they’re facing complications because of the negligence of the professionals. Attorneys feel comfortable working with a professional North Carolina orthopedic expert witnesses like Dr. Powell. Although Dr. Powell doesn’t reside in North Carolina, he is able to act as a North Carolina Shoulder surgery expert witness working with attorneys remotely.

Dr. Powell provides North Carolina Orthopedic Surgery Expert Witness services in the following areas:

  • Shoulder arthroscopy
  • Arthroscopic repair of ligaments after shoulder dislocation (Bankart repair)
  • Arthroscopic SLAP repair
  • Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair
  • Shoulder reconstruction
  • Elbow arthroscopy
  • Tennis elbow release
  • “Tommy John” procedure
  • Knee arthroscopy
  • ACL reconstruction
  • Multiple knee ligament reconstruction (ACL, PCL, LCL, MCL)
  • Autologous cartilage implantation (Carticel implantation)
  • Allograft (cadaver) cartilage implantation
  • Reconstruction of damaged cartilage in the knee, elbow, shoulder and ankle
  • Partial or Total shoulder replacement
  • Platelet-rich plasma injections
  • Adipocyte (Fat) Derived Stem Cell injections for osteoarthritis

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